Thursday, November 22, 2007


Meet my friend Broccori! He rike you but if you make him mrad, he kricka you brutt! HI- YAH!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Poptart wins!

I just received my prize for winning the munkyking halloween costume contest. My prize? TAke a looksy! WOW! I didn't have to stand in line and fight a bunch of people to get one. I just walked around like a fool for hours and got drunk and danced around a little bit. Oh how sweet being a Poptart can be!

Friday, November 9, 2007

and how was your Halloween?

Well my friends. finally getting back into the swing of things,just in time for the next holiday stooper! This year, I celebrated at not one,not two not three, but FOUR parties! A record year only beggin to be topped by next year. First off was a warm up with a hot show,MC Chris at the Knnitting Factory.So great to see such a rad person with amazing talent do his thing.Next off was a halloween party with my good friends from the LA Jedi and some people from LAFF. That's Los Angeles Fan Force to you. Next off was my neighbors party that seemed like it never ended. One of the best gatherings I've been to in a long long time. I met some of the coolest people as well. I had no idea my neighbor wrote for the television series Bones. I've never seen it but for arguments sake,let's just say " This show is awesome!" and " I never miss an episode of Bones!" Next off on the eve of Halloween was a gathering of mass proportions at the Hollywood Cemetary with a screening of The Shining. If I could turn back time and do it all over again,this would be one of the stops at the place in time. Afterwards was the Munkyking party. I hung around for hours dancing and "popping" around in my Poptart cosutme. I waitied all night for the costume contest,only to be told the winner would be announced on the internet.No word yet of who won. Bummer. So what's in store for next year? I can't tell you but I can tell you that I'll probably be requesting a few days off afterwards just to recover.