Saturday, April 26, 2008

Olestra? Oh no!

There's no anal leakage on this baby. I call him Drip. He's sort of like a Fatcap but with a bit more thought put into it. Comes complete with shaking marble inside his head and removable spray "cap".Get it?

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's been a long time....

God I love Eric B. and Rakim. Any excuse to sing that song! but yo! Time for me to start posting about what's been going on in my life again. Too much . But good things. First off,Kidrobots CArtoon Network series 1 toy release was aweseom. I got to Meet Matt Seinrich and Seth Green from Robot Chicken.Also a host of others who work for Cartoon Network.Always fun. The highlight? hmmm...Gving Seth Green my Speedy Gonzales toy that I tatted up with cheese references. KRAFT POR VIDA on one arm,QUESO in large Old English letters on his belly Tupac style. I even gave him a gold chain. Mr. Green noted that they have been looking for a Speedy toy but the price for one was super high on the collector's market. I knew it was meant for us to meet. Sigh.Yeah,I got a crush on him.What redhead do I NOT have a crush on?