Monday, August 13, 2007

Alphacult 2nd Anniversary Show

This past weekend, I submitted my first etching for the Alphacult show titled " Up ,Up, And Away!" The theme was...Superheroes. Whom did I chose? You might be thinking Batman,or Luke Skywalker,but this time I decided to go classic oldschool and opted for noneotherthan....SUPERCHICKEN! You can read about it more via this link:
I'll post my piece from it on here in a bit. Right now I'm just getting the jist of posting a blog,and the thought that I could have been doing this years ago and gotten tons of my shit online trouble-free has me flattened right now.

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H. B. Coffin said...

Nice! I'm just like you, trying to archive my artwork through my new blog. Hoping to collaborate with some artists in the future. Looking for any help I can get, and looking to provide any help I can. Keep in touch!